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Severe cases require skilled representation, and with attorney Bradlyn J. Cole, you will send a message to those responsible for your injuries and damages that you are serious. He has more than a decade of complex personal injury and commercial litigation experience with proven results at top boutique law firms.

From his Mansfield office, Bradlyn J. Cole and his staff assist clients throughout the DFW Metroplex and across the State of Texas

Providing Experienced And Exceptional Advocacy For Your Case

Being injured causes significant disruptions to your life and may leave you unable to provide for yourself and your loved ones. Without the right attorney, it can be incredibly difficult for you to get the medical assistance and money you need. Bradlyn J. Cole and his staff are prepared to work tirelessly to hold those responsible for your injuries responsible and to achieve the best possible outcome so that you can focus on yourself and your treatment.

Whether you have been in a severe motor vehicle collision or other serious accident, or have suffered damages due to the wrongful conduct or deceptive practices of others, Bradlyn J. Cole has the knowledge, skills and experience to protect you and your family and achieve the best possible results in your case. With him, you get the benefit of a local lawyer who has refined his skills through years of hard work and dedication in courtrooms across Texas and throughout the United States and who has a record of providing exception representation and achieving proven results for his clients.

Seasoned Litigator Fighting For Injured Texans

Attorney Bradlyn J Cole

Bradlyn J. Cole

A Track Record Of Success

Motor Vehicle Accident

$135,000 for a client involved in a motor vehicle accident in which he suffered a broken wrist requiring surgery and physical therapy

Motor Vehicle Accident

$100,001 (policy limit) for a client who was rear-ended at a stop light, causing cervical injuries for which the client underwent a fusion

Rideshare Accident

$80,000 for a passenger in a rideshare vehicle, after the driver made an unsafe left turn from the right lane into traffic, causing injuries

Motor Vehicle Accident

$50,000 (policy limit) recovered for a client involved in a motor vehicle accident caused by a young driver making an illegal and unsafe U-turn

Dedicated To Helping You Recover

Your recovery as the No. 1 focus for the attorneys and staff at Bradlyn J. Cole & Associates. We are dedicated to through the complex legal process necessary to put the pieces of your life back together so that you can move past your injuries. We will provide zealous representation in the litigation process and negotiating on your behalf. When negotiations fail, Bradlyn J. Cole and his staff are prepared to hold those who have harmed you and their insurance providers responsible and to get you the recovery you deserve.

You might be feeling overwhelmed by your situation, but with Bradlyn J. Cole & Associates, you can be confident that you will have a steadfast advocate and ally to help you through the process. The attorneys at Bradlyn J. Cole & Associates listen to and involve their clients throughout the process from developing a case-specific litigation strategy to a successful outcome whether it be through firm negotiations or through litigation and trial.

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